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IT Procurement and Management services

IT Procurement and Management services

You want to get the most out of your investment in hardware, software and cloud services and you need solutions to address your requirements effectively and efficiently whether it is for:

  • Hardware such as servers, laptops, desktops, notebooks and networking.
  • Software such as Microsoft, Linux and accounting products as well as financial and business intelligent solutions.
  • Cloud services, internet and hosting.
  • Custom and specialized requirements.

As your procurement partner we offer a number of benefits to ensure that your needs are met:

  • We have partnerships with and support multiple vendors and similar solutions to ensure that you as the customer get the best value and services available.
  • We have specialists to ensure that we provide you with the best advice and options to address your IT needs.
  • We manage the procurement process from cradle to grave. This means that we will also assist with warranty and supplier management to ensure that you continue to receive the best service, even after the sales process had been completed.
  • We cater for both standard and custom requirements to offer a wider choice and to ensure a better fit to your business requirements.

Let us speed your path to the cloud. By taking advantage of our expertise you will get the most from what the cloud has to offer.

Stay competitive by making technology your business advantage. With our expertise and cloud services, you can quickly and affordably meet your business goals, whether it’s adapting to a changing competitor landscape, achieving business growth, protecting customer data, or reaching new clients. Let ITBLUE put you on the fast track to the modern business.

What’s your path to the cloud? Staying on top of business and technology trends has become increasingly expensive. However, your competitors will be investing in IT even if you don’t—and that’s something you can’t afford. We can design unique solutions that make technology your competitive advantage.

We have one of the largest single server cloud based IQ servers in South Africa. We support various IQ clients around Africa, from single branch to multi-branch environments and across many business sectors including a number of well-known franchises. Contact us, we can help.

For antivirus technology we were the largest ESET MSP dealer in the Western Cape in 2014 and 2015.

We can assist you with your Microsoft needs and offer a range of solutions that will help employees and teams to get their work done anywhere and on any device. This includes solutions such as Windows operating systems, applications such as Office, cloud services such Office 365, and many more.

Examples include:

  • Enabling mobile productivity with Office 365 – helping you use the familiar, rich Office experience anywhere.
  • Document sharing and collaboration by using a combination of OneDrive for Business and Office 365 to work together easily.
  • Offering remote access to business apps that are hosted on-site using functionality included in Windows Server 2012 R2, or applications hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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