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Timely Support

Let’s face it, without timely support the value proposition diminishes.  Have you heard about our PREVENTIVE support? This means we continuously monitor your systems and provide you with support before a problem affects your productivity and security.

Innovative Ideas

Our unique combination of skills makes it possible to not only provide technical support but also valuable business and management decision support.

Advanced Technology

Custom software and best of the class processes allow us to continuously monitor for problems and auto-heal those identified . Unhealed issues are escalated to technicians and preventative maintenance is performed 24/7 and many more times a day as is possible using only IT personnel.

Clear Communication

We continuously work on improving and extending the communication and  information we share with you. This enables you to improve the governance of your IT environment and improve your decision making process.

Managed Services - the new IT Support Services

Managed Services – We do it differently!

Instead of merely offering traditional, old-fashioned information technology support, ITBlue’s support is based on the most recent Remote Monitoring and Managed (RMM) Services model.

Traditional information technology support relies on a reactive model where a technician has to visit a site in order to resolve IT issues. The consequences of this support model are:

  • Impact of downtime is high as response times are usually a few hours to a few days.
  • No preventative measures as visits are usually only done to fix existing problems.
  • The knowledge level of the technician attending to the problem is often low as junior technicians are usually dispatched for call outs.
  • High cost due to call out fees, travel costs and on site presence.
  • Unreliable security management such as backups and anti-virus measures due to the manual checking required for these.

Instead of this, ITBlue’s forward-looking Remote Monitoring and Managed (RMM) Services model ensures the following:

  • All IT infrastructure is continuously and automatically monitored.
  • Often alerts are ‘auto healed’ without the intervention of a technician. If this is not possible, the alert is escalated for human intervention.
  • Preventative maintenance is done.
  • Security and related issues is a key and ongoing focus area.

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