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Support Work Flow

If you've already submitted a service request

Please make use of the client portal to check your request progress or status (a link is included in every support reply sent to you). Do NOT send another new email to check the status of the issue as each new email (where you do not reply to us on the email generated by our system) will create a new request. THANK YOU for using our support procedure, designed to ensure that we can provide you with a fast and efficient service.


1. New service ticket is created on receiving your email request.

2. Automatic acknowledgement is sent to you containing your unique reference number for your request.

3. Ticket processing starts where we evaluate the problem and allocate resources.

4. Email response(s) and or calls will be used to keep you updated where required.

5. Closing of request is done once we have resolved your request. An automatic email is sent to you when the request is marked as closed enabling you to check and reopen the request if you are not completely satisfied with the service.

Two special requests to you:

1. Ticket/request related responses MUST be done by replying to our auto acknowledgement email sent to you keeping the ticket number and subject intact to ensure we allocate your response to the correct, original ticket.

2. Ticket UNRELATED responses should be sent under a new subject without any ticket references to ensure we open a new request for you.


If you've NOT submitted a service request by EMAIL to SUPPORT.

Please submit an email services request to support@itblue.co.za OR create a request on our customer care portal. Kindly include the following where possible to ensure we have everything needed to resolve your request.

1. Descriptive summarized email subject help you and us to find and define your request.

2. Good Description of the problem in the body of the email.

3. Screenshot –  a picture is worth a thousand minutes saved.

4. Error Message –  it may not mean much to you but we speak computer.

5. WHO, WHERE, WHEN we work faster if we know who had the problem, what exactly was he/she/they doing at the time in the program/application/company/thing/etc.

If you do not follow our agreed to support procedure you will be held accountable for administrative and other expenses and none of our agreed to service performance levels will apply to your request.

An emergency is when:
  • the error affects EVERYONE in your business
  • the error is leading to a loss in income e.g. you cannot create invoices
You should still send an email if possible AND CALL US on 021 880 2796 to ensure your request is prioritzed.